Insight into Media Architects
Media Architects is a full service creative website designer and developer that builds your business through the most important medium today: the Internet.

We consult with clients to understand their goals, then design to create branding, and expand products and customer bases in New England with Image and Substance

Our digital media and collateral services:
  • Website Design & Development

  • Retail Online

  • Video for Web

  • DrupalGardens, Wordpress, CMS

  • Graphics & Print Design

  • Flash, PHP, MYSQL databases

  • Web Hosting

  • Search Engine & Social Media

The sites here are chosen for diversity of style and special dynamic functions. Examples are proprietary, but layouts may be requested. Building, Trades, Corporate, Retail, Arts, Craftspeople & Non-profits, we build them.

Projects: Samples of Website, Graphic, and Print Collateral Design and More. Click on Images for Slides.

  • Jeanette Griffith

    Jeanette Griffith

    Web Design and Development, including client-administered (cms) art gallery

    Jeanette's work is a breathtaking compilation of painted abstracts, landscapes and other works of art in various mediums. She needed a website to highlight the work that she could very easily administer herself, as well as indicate to website visitors when a work is sold.

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  • Morrill Electric

    Morrill Electric

    Website design and development

    Morrill Electric has both multiple services and products it wants to highlight, with areas of the website to be changed seasonally. A multi "container" website like this can be recommended for a similarly complex business operation

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  • It's Your Health Network

    It's Your Health Network

    Website design, website development, website maintenance, branding, graphic design, social media

    Lisa Davis has worked in Media for many years and came to Media Architects with a confidence that with our own multi-media background, we could constantly develop her website as she develops her network

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  • Hancock Associates

    Hancock Associates

    Website Development, brochure and presentation folder

    Engineering companies appreciate Media Architects familiarity with trades and contracting related businesses, and knowledge of sustainable development

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  • macleod metalworks

    Macleod Metalworks

    Graphic Design, web design and development

    Macleod Metalworks is an amazing metal workshop, with Keith Macleod at the helm.

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  • Stiles Company

    Stiles Company

    We work with clients to accomodate schedules and budgets. We also provide staff photography to add a human element to any digital website.

    Stiles Company is a team of professional contractors who specialize in landscape construction in the Greater Seacoast region. Owner Fred Stiles relies on Media Architects to design & develop his website over time.

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  • Simmies Towing

    Simmie's Towing

    Website design and development

    A simple by highly effective design with hand mobile or held devices in mind; easy to call them in a roadside emergency

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  • Amundsen Companies

    Amundsen Companies

    Web design and development

    Amundsen Companies with New England Homes is a builder of the highest quality prefabricated homes in northern New England. Similar to our approach with our clients, Amundsen goes the extra mile plus to make working with the company simple and smooth, project start to finish.

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  • Jeff Onore

    Jeff Onore

    website design and development, graphic design and promotional posters

    Jeff Onore is a comedian, writer and more. Working with performing artists requires an extra bit of irony, unique from straightforward business websites.

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  • Capt Dons

    Capt Dons

    Web Design and development, and photography

    Capt Dons is a local fresh seafood favorite, and includes bait and tackle to "catch your own". This was an economical website to create, which features a color scheme and graphics just right for the seasonal audience on the MA and NH Seacoast beaches

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  • Michael Thompson Woodworking

    Michael Thompson Woodworking

    Website design

    A contemporary wood toned page for a talented interior finish woodworker.

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  • Northeast Hydro

    Northeast Hydro

    Graphic Design, web design and development

    Northeast Hydro was a renewable energy business concept in development intending to harness power from the flow of existing dams.

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  • teaching mitchell

    Teaching Mitchell

    Web design and development

    More than a website, it allows the client to write a blog in Wordpress, and text appears in the homepage. This is content managment system (CMS)done creatively and inexpensively for a non-profit

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  • Medieval Merchant

    Medieval Merchant

    Web design and development with DrupalGardens PHP and other tools

    We are creating the web design, including graphics and colors scheme, but this is a website whose structure and control is managed with multiple files of code provided by DrupalGardens. Once we design and set up a site like this one, the client can be trained to change content on their own if they are accustomed to working with Internet forms.

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  • Coastal Printing Inc

    Coastal Printing Inc

    Media Architects works closely with Coastal Printing to cultivate its website that let its customers know it continues to be an up-close and personal B to B printshop, in business for over 27 years. .

    Coastal Printing Inc. is serving the greater North Shore, MA and NH Seacost Region, up through the Portland, ME region.

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  • New England Flood Wall

    flood prevention and wetland science

    Web Design and Development, Business Consulting

    Company just starting, addressing rising water issues with engineering, science and construction with a website in progress as well. Week by week, Media Architects helps to increase New England Flood Wall's visibility.

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  • custom family websites

    Greek family website

    Web design and development

    At times we create a a site for a private entity, this one a family of brothers, which requires a login.

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  • Universal Visions

    Universal Visions

    Website design and development, including logo creation, online shopping site development, and brochure in parnership with Coastal Printing

    Universal Visions is a unique international and spiritual giftshop whose focus is custom graphics which make it stand out against any site in the same product category

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  • ecologicsconstruction

    Ecologics Construction

    Web Design and Development

    Ecologics Construction depends on Media Architects to improve the site to reflect their expanding standards of green construction quality. They appreciate our knowledge of Sustainable Development, including renewable energy, green building construction and energy efficiency principles

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  • kostas taslis

    Kostas Taslis

    Web Design and development

    Internationally reknowned Kostas Taslis, being a musician, thought it would be good to play his music on his website. So we installed a player that opens to reveal a songlist and player. Click on "Listen" for Greek music.

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