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Client Testimonials


Scott Cunningham,
Coastal Printing Inc.

“Isa has a great intuitive sense on how to create a marketing program that works. Her strong, creative writing background, combined with exceptional computer web design make her company a great choice in today's competitive marketplace.”


Lisa Davis,
It's Your Health (Natl. Media)

“Isa is the ultimate webmaster. Her incredible job on my website led to high profile guests wanting to be a part of my health radio program. Her hardwork, creativity, dedication, and wonderful personality, make Isa an ideal choice.”

Bob Carbone,
Salisbury Salvage

"MediaArchitects.Co has been instrumental in helping our business move to the next level. We have them to conceptualize, develop and optimize our online presence and our website, www.salisburysalvage.com. The results have been tremendous! The on-going customer service and consultation we receive is crucial to the dynamic nature of the Internet. Media Architects provides us with a host of services at a very reasonable price and is an integral component of our marketing and growth strategy."


John Graham,
Graham Communications

"Good job on the newsletter...most appealing"


Everett Chandler,

“Isa is a top notch professional whose knowledge of the industry sets her apart from the run of the mill marketing professional. Her ideas are fresh and new. A welcome change.”


Mike Prokosch,
UMass Professional Staff

"[The film series] bested my expectations in all ways -- attendance, enthusiasm, and emotional wrenching. It was quite a foursome of films. Nice work."

Sample of Portfolio Options



hoto Galleries >>

Highlight everything from building projects to architectural details; handcrafted items to scientific product photos. This is an online portfolio created to have several pages and coded to grow as needed.


udio & Video Galleries>>

Ideal for websites that feature multi-media, such as radio station and cable station websites, and national blogging web designs. Upload audio and post dates, descriptions and names. The "posts" appear in a list with a media player for each!


rtwork Galleries >>

Artists need not worry about their reach internationally. Make your art accessible to China and other growing industrial countries who value art from America. Display all your work online.


imple Gallery >>

Changing just a page of photos is extremely easy with our custom coded, 1-page image gallery. The CMS Admin for clients reveals a webpage online that is almost identical to the website "live view".