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SEO or Search Engine Optimization


When Your Site Is Driven by SEO, They All Come!

"Be skeptical about many of the "SEO" service providers out there. Contact us for a free consultation for our premium service offering. You will appreciate our SEO credibility within minutes of discussion."

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

google page ranking seoMedia Architects can make vast improvements on existing websites in terms of SEO, or design a website from scratch whose every page and every page's content appeal to the great influence and force of Google and its search engine robots. There are actually dozens of tasks associated with effective SEO both: on your website and throughout the Internet. Solid SEO is integral to the efficacy of your website on the Internet, if your goal is to be found online. If you want traffic to your website to build your business, then attention to SEO should be included in your annual marketing budget.

First, we note and apply the truth that the Google Search Engine has certain goals, including:

Your website is designed correctly according to Google's search criteria. What's next?

Much better search results are accomplished with the clients being willing to support the following:

1. Updating their site regularly; either through their designer/developer (i.e., Media Architects) or on their own using content management or cms or cms hybrid websites. Important: the updates should have SEO specific content development in mind

2. Frequent and ongoing social media participation, as applicable for a business type: e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace, YouTube, [client's] industry blogs, [client's] industry forums, etc.

If you adhere to the guidelines above - while noting the importance of domain longevity's online, and local business competition - it will be either easier or a bit harder to be seen on the "first page" page of search results organically.

Note: One advantage of having your website designed to defer to SEO is that a paid Google Adwords campaign or other PPC (pay-per-click) advertising campaign may never be a necessary expense for your business!

SEO Services out There

Expect to pay more for a legitimate SEO service than you had for the design of your original [informational type] website to guarantee top organic placement in Google search engine results [i.e., without buying Google adwords]. The SEO service provider, such as Media
Architects, is performing dozens of tasks on your behalf. Among other things, it means that this service provider may be working intimately with you to know your business and to contribute heavily/update in Social Media venues on your behalf. This might also include writing
blogs for you, and changing your website metadata to reflect responses to competitors' websites over time, vis a vis keywords research, etc. The point is, is that the genuine SEO specialists apply a great deal of time if they are doing their jobs correctly towards your online marketing success!

Media Architects Top Tier SEO Services

There are many dishonest SEO "experts" out there, who offer 'SEO Gold" packages and similar. Their pitches come to you in your email inboxes by the dozens weekly. You wonder which to trust. Media Architects has earned that trustworthiness.

For the quickest (almost immediate) SEO driven Google Search Engine results, we offer a premium SEO service that is one of the most effective you will encounter. Media Architects includes a human team of SEO oriented coding and content specialists. In addition to SEO driven design, we bring Google certification codes/snippets to your website to immediately notify Google that the website has complied with its design criteria. Media Architects premium SEO service is our most effective tack for your Internet Marketing Development.

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Your Website Design
a non-negotiable marketing component in our marketplace

SEO and Content Development
if your goal is excellent search results, our SEO is outstanding

The Video You Need
professional video for websites & Internet content; new "TV" online

Graphic Design & Photography
business and market specific, professional projects require it

Collateral Design & Printing
brochures, banners & more, designed, printed & shipped


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Our History!

There is no question that we learned as we went. No apologies! It was and is a lot of work to adapt to the constant changes in aesthetic sensibilities, layout standards and dynamic functions (and that's only the front end!). But it has been enjoyable all the way. From Cayuela Guitars in Spain, our first website clients, to our fascinating innumerable current crew of clients who maintain loyalty to Media Architects, we cheer the work and camaraderie and forge ahead.


Cayuela Guitars in Seville, Spain was the first web project. While living there, Isa was excited about their craftsmanship and the 3 generation of luthiers behind it. Always media project focused, audio-video system transitioned to web design

guita media architects

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Director's completion of a Regional Economic & Social Development M.A. inspired adding Sustainability focused clients. We always maintain an eagle eye on the "why" we do things

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Adding printing to the market research and design was the best next step for our clients. Media Architects has a solid partnership with Coastal Printing Inc, our go-to for most printed matter

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Media Architects needed video production talent to meet the needs of current and future clients. Only seasoned videographers and editors fit the bill. We also expanded capacity for more services under the Mark-Comm umbrella. It never stops...

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