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Media Architects Designs Internet Marketing Media for Business Development

Promotional Items

A Memorable Useful Item Is Always Great Promotion

"The provision of professional quality Graphic Design and Photography is a non-negotiable requirement for your media projects."

We'll Brainstorm with You!

drink coaster designed by media architectsMedia Architects considers the venues where you promote your organizations and the message you want to convey with your custom designed promotional items.

Non-paper items such as cotton shopping bags, car magnets, vinyl lettering and banners and other signs are designed and printed in a timely manner. Drink coasters make a great impression (right). Useful and relatively inexpensive, Media Architects likes to create and produce promotional items that their clients and their own clients can really use! And how memorable.

cotton bag design by media architectsWe feature a 100% cotton shopping bag for ideal use at a large expo, fair or conference. Let your potential clients carry your company information away in a bag that says you're friendly to the environment!

These are just a couple of items that we have chosen to highlight. Naturally we can procure pens, notepads, and other popular items with your logo and message.

Service List


Your Website Design
a non-negotiable marketing component in our marketplace

SEO and Content Development
if your goal is excellent search results, our SEO is outstanding

The Video You Need
professional video for websites & Internet content; new "TV" online

Graphic Design & Photography
business and market specific, professional projects require it

Collateral Design & Printing
brochures, banners & more, designed, printed & shipped


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Our History!

There is no question that we learned as we went. No apologies! It was and is a lot of work to adapt to the constant changes in aesthetic sensibilities, layout standards and dynamic functions (and that's only the front end!). But it has been enjoyable all the way. From Cayuela Guitars in Spain, our first website clients, to our fascinating innumerable current crew of clients who maintain loyalty to Media Architects, we cheer the work and camaraderie and forge ahead.


Cayuela Guitars in Seville, Spain was the first web project. While living there, Isa was excited about their craftsmanship and the 3 generation of luthiers behind it. Always media project focused, audio-video system transitioned to web design

guita media architects

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Director's completion of a Regional Economic & Social Development M.A. inspired adding Sustainability focused clients. We always maintain an eagle eye on the "why" we do things

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Adding printing to the market research and design was the best next step for our clients. Media Architects has a solid partnership with Coastal Printing Inc, our go-to for most printed matter

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Media Architects needed video production talent to meet the needs of current and future clients. Only seasoned videographers and editors fit the bill. We also expanded capacity for more services under the Mark-Comm umbrella. It never stops...

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