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The following has been excerpted and modified
from one written by Isa. It can be viewed here.

The popularity of the XP OP assured its support by Miscrosoft - until now. For die-hards who feel they won't or can't make the change to another OS at this juncture, please note there are serious security and software implications.

If you have XP this is the time to change your OS, but not before doing your research first.

Using a different OS also means software upgrades or changes to ones that will be compatible with the new system. ISVs, or "independent software vendors" (third-party developers) already have or will soon drop support for their XP programs. Lincoln Spector, a contributor to PC World explains, "The end of support means the end of updates--even security updates. When an exploit is found after that date, too bad; it will not get patched. Gradually, Windows XP will become less and less secure." The vulnerability could be immediate. The reason there are so many updates and patches with any of the Microsoft OS products is its prevalence of use worldwide. Malevolent activity has fixed itself where it can do the most harm.

So what should replace my XP?

Windows 8's desktop appearance and function at face value are similar to that of mobile devices, with direct media access, such as photos and single-click connections to social media and news media venues. IT professional Patrick Gray and contributor for Tech Republic recommends obtaining a copy of Windows 7, which is similar to XP in appearance and function: "Windows 7 seems the most compelling migration path. The OS is mature and stable, hardware compatibility is mature, and thousands of organizations have already blazed the trail to Windows 7, identifying most of the caveats. Unlike Windows 8, the after end-user will require little familiarization training with the new UI. Windows 7 buys you extended support until 2020, giving Microsoft several years to perfect their vision for the future of computing."

There are other options of course. We don't venture to make any OS recommendations, but it is clear that the required change is finally at hand and TRI can only encourage you to have your IT professional research what will work best for your business type and make the change before April 8, 2014. In the meantime, be sure that your version of XP is regularly and completely updated.

Please note: Your computer with XP may not be compatible with the the newer OS's (e.g., Windows 7 or 8). Purchasing a new computer with the new OS installed may be your only route for a supported OS. But most certainly your new computer will be a better machine. One thought that may remove some angst is this: if you want to keep that xp computer, do! If that computer holds your photos and Word docs and a myriad of files and programs that don't require internet interaction (updates), simply keep it offline. It may become the most useful computer you have. If you must be online, dismissing the danger to your computer, then note there are tedious but useful ways to keep using XP.

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There is no question that we learned as we went. No apologies! It was and is a lot of work to adapt to the constant changes in aesthetic sensibilities, layout standards and dynamic functions (and that's only the front end!). But it has been enjoyable all the way. From Cayuela Guitars in Spain, our first website clients, to our fascinating innumerable current crew of clients who maintain loyalty to Media Architects, we cheer the work and camaraderie and forge ahead.


Cayuela Guitars in Seville, Spain was the first web project. While living there, Isa was excited about their craftsmanship and the 3 generation of luthiers behind it. Always media project focused, audio-video system transitioned to web design

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Director's completion of a Regional Economic & Social Development M.A. inspired adding Sustainability focused clients. We always maintain an eagle eye on the "why" we do things

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Adding printing to the market research and design was the best next step for our clients. Media Architects has a solid partnership with Coastal Printing Inc, our go-to for most printed matter

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Media Architects needed video production talent to meet the needs of current and future clients. Only seasoned videographers and editors fit the bill. We also expanded capacity for more services under the Mark-Comm umbrella. It never stops...

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