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Video Guide for Clients: Production Day

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Imagine the power of a short video online!

video camera media architects"We don't like surprises in the context of business so we don't expect our clients to feel differently. As we prepare for the video shoot, we help you prepare for us."

There are a myriad of variables for each video we make for clients and we are positioned to help you through the whole process. We make it a smooth, fluid and even a fun project for you and your staff!

On the day of the video shoot, there are a variety of steps you will need to take to prepare. They should be reviewed and organized before we arrive please. *Fees are based upon the understanding that you, the client, is prepared before we arrive (read caveat at bottom please).

Keep in mind that videography, and separate sound recordings when indicated, normally require a minimum of 2 or 4 hours. Note that though the finished video product may be only minutes long, it results after normally hours of of edits and treatments to maintain only the video and audio that is on point for the story, message, or advertising at hand.

Being prepared includes the following at a minimum, below. There may be other preparation steps for your particular video, but that will have been discussed and agreed upon well ahead of the production day.

1. There are acoustic requirements for reasons of recording clear audio. Please ensure that all machinery, air conditioners, etc., are turned off please, especially machines that use cooling fans. Note fans often continue to run after heating and cooling is shut off, so plan ahead to make sure that fans/engines are not running when our Production Staff arrives. Thank you.

2. Talent Wardrobe Suggestions (i.e., what any staff wears that will be viewd on the video)

The Do’s:

Brown tones
Soft colors
Simple, subtle patterns

The Don’ts:

Clothing with logos on them (other than that of the company that is being videotaped)
Intricate and/or bright patterns
Pin-striped shirts or jackets
[Avoid if possible: solid black, white or reds]

3. Please make sure that each person who will be videotaped understands his/her respective roles and has had proper proper rehearsal time *before we arrive. There will have been conversations well ahead of the production to provide the information you need to accomplish the best video, in addition this webpage.

4. When in front of the camera:

Unless you are told otherwise by Production Staff don't look directly at the camera, speak at a normal "livingroom" conversational sound level, and avoid "ums" and "ahs". It is best to just pause a short moment between thoughts instead.

*Fees are based upon your understanding and commitment to be prepared before Media Architects arrives. Delays in the production start time as result of inadequate preparation will result in added fees in increments of 1/2-hour charges (max. 1 hour). After the elapse of an hour maximum, shoot must be cancelled and deposit non-refunded.

5. Being relaxed, or at least "acting" relaxed. It is one of the keys in a good production. Speak at a normal pace, use some inflection if you can, and smile once in a while when it seems appropriate.

Media Architects is here to guide you to make the most effective video possible. After all, the MediaArchitects.Co name is on everything we do.

Documentary Style
Company Reporting

Your workplace becomes the set; your staff, the talent. With this approach we illustrate your business in video. We apply the right audio to the right video sequences with our acute editing eyes and Voila!

Reports that need to be disseminated to company personnel and investors become accessible and popular with video. We can record a meeting, presentation or executive greetings, made viewable on your website.

Training Video
Advertising / Commercial

Do you want to sell more products from your technical inventory? Buyers will need to know how their features, and providing instructions in video format is an added value. You can also have us produce fee-based training segments. Get paid for your training content.

We create a commercial for your business, such as you see on TV, but costing a fraction. This production requires a team at Media Architects to consider the story line, write the script, and find talent - or use your staff if you prefer.


Highlight product features and provide training through video. Videotaping explanations of products and projects can save countless packing and shipping expenses, while providing an effective consistent message.

Highlight home or commercial real estate with videos. Informative and engaging, video makes potential buyers into real estate owners. Knock out your R.E. competition with video on your website.

DVD copies
Actors Models and Voiceover Talent




Science and Technology Videos
medical videos

Medical and Technology Videos
medical technology videos

Highlight Your Service with Video
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Actor Reels and Reenactor Videos
actor video reels

Have Media Architects create a video retrospective of your business for unique, Internet grabbing attention!
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Our History

There is no question that we learned as we went along. No apologies! It was, and is, a considerable effort to adapt to the constant changes in layout standards, dynamic functions and aesthetic sensibilities (and that's only the front end!). But it has been enjoyable all the way. From Cayuela Guitars in Spain, our first website clients, to our fascinating innumerable current crew of clients who maintain loyalty to Media Architects, we cheer the work and camaraderie, and forge ahead.


Cayuela Guitars in Seville, Spain was the first web project. While living there, Isa was excited about their craftsmanship and the 3 generation of luthiers behind it. Always media project focused, audio-video system transitioned to web design

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Director's completion of a Regional Economic & Social Development M.A. inspired adding Sustainability focused clients. We always maintain an eagle eye on the "why" we do things

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Adding printing to the market research and design was the best next step for our clients. Media Architects has a solid partnership with Coastal Printing Inc, our go-to for most printed matter

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Media Architects needed video production talent to meet the needs of current and future clients. Only seasoned videographers and editors fit the bill. We also expanded capacity for more services under the Mark-Comm umbrella. It never stops...

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